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Decades of Experience Combine for Victorious Hockey Company Junior Hockey News

Published: Monday, 15 Jul 2019  
By: Cliff Cook

Victorious Hockey Company was created to educate and assist players, coaches, families and teams in order to help them achieve their individual and team goals on and off the ice. Our staff of experienced hockey coaches and educators work with players, coaches and teams to instill the values to help create not just better hockey players, but more importantly better people while establishing the tools needed to become athletically, academically and personally successful.

Comprised of coaches, advisors and educators at the highest level of their fields, Victorious Hockey Company is led by Stephen Heisler, founder and writer for and former junior hockey team owner, along with Bliss Littler – Head Coach and General Manager of the Wenatchee Wild-BCHL. All dedicated to the welfare of youth, junior and college hockey players, coaches and teams. 

“One of the main reasons I accepted an invitation to be an advisor’s advisor with Victorious Hockey Company is the amount of bad information I see young players getting these days about what it takes to get into junior hockey,” said Littler. “With Mark Carlson also accepting the invitation to help Victorious Hockey, it made the decision easy. Stephen Heisler has always been a player’s advocate and works hard for his players.”

Our company leaders have decades of junior hockey experience and success at the highest levels with players thriving both on and off the ice. Our company staff each have years of expertise in their chosen fields, whether hockey, training, advising and/or academics.

“I am very excited to be working with Stephen Heisler and Victorious Hockey Company,” said Carlson. “Stephen has helped many players over the years and Bliss Littler and I look forward to helping Stephen advise young players and families on what their best options are. Stephen always has the player’s best interests at heart.”

Victorious Hockey Company is, however, about much more than just player and family advising. Littler and Heisler have iidentified a gap in continuing education for coaches within youth and junior hockey.

To fill that gap, Victorious Hockey Company is creating a mentorship program for young coaches. Establishing an atmosphere for young coaches to learn from some of the most experienced and successful coaches in hockey will benefit these up-and-coming coaches which, in turn, helps the players they coach in their own development.

“I’ve been blessed with the good fortune of developing great friends from the game,” said Heisler. “It’s an honor to be able to share the platform of Victorious Hockey Company with such great leaders of men that Bliss and Mark have proven to be. We share a vision of what it takes to be a developing player and coach.”

For more information about Victorious Hockey Company, including staff bios, upcoming events, how to become a Victorious Hockey Company member and much more, log on to or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Author: Cliff Cook

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