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Daily Dish: NA3HL Step to NAHL and Beyond Junior Hockey News

Published: Wednesday, 12 Jun 2019  
By: Stephen Heisler,

Did you read the likely spoon-fed United States Premier Hockey League propaganda that was printed on that other website yesterday? Really now, that’s how bad it is on the brownside? Is every article about dinging competitors and the USPHL’s competition?

After spending way too much time wiping the poo off my shoes, I made a few calls and came up with a few solutions the North American Hockey League needs to consider in the effort to put a stop to the endless toilet bowl overflowing problem.

1) Send out an internal memo to all the teams making it a “gentlemen’s agreement” to simply say no to all non-sanctioned prospects. This includes drafts, tenders, and free agent signings. If a prospect wants to play in the NAHL, he will need a minimum of 12 games within International Ice Hockey Federation sanctioned hockey before getting that opportunity. Since it’s a “Gentlemen’s Agreement” the commissioner can also make recommendations on a case by case basis. Maybe the league starts a very expensive NAHL Summer League to help incoming players regain eligibility. 
2) Mandate that players from non-sanctioned programs need USA Hockey registrations in hand to be insured for in-season practices. 
3) Have the attorney send a cease and desist letter to the publisher at the brownside demanding that the site remove all NAHL branded logos, content, and mentions. That site’s content has cost the brand a ton of cash. Some estimate that loss to be in excess of $1,000,000 to date.  
4) Allow each NAHL team to affiliate and assign eight players to NA3HL teams. Those players can be added at anytime during the season and playoffs. Those players should not count against the NAHL and NA3HL roster limits. Those players should be equally distributed to all NA3HL teams.  

 Now here are some omitted facts the brownside wished you not to see.

1) 51 NA3HL alumni played at least one game in the NAHL this past season totaling 1,411 games.
2) 25 NA3HL players were called up and played in at least one NAHL game during the 2018-19 last season. 
3) 122 different players were called up to practice with NAHL teams during the 2018-19 season.
4) There are currently 116 NA3HL players from this past season with college commitments. 70% of those are NCAA commitments.
5) All this is part of the ladder of development process the NAHL owners have adopted for almost 10 years now.
6) NAHL teams have expanded their recruiting scope to include different leagues like the NA3HL and NAPHL and have benefited from it. The NAHL has a ladder of development in place which makes it possible for NAHL teams to evaluate and then select (be it tender or draft pick) NA3HL and NAPHL players.
7) All of these numbers are transparent and on the NAHL and NA3HL’s website.

Something else to consider is fact that NAHL teams currently have a great stable of former NA3HL coaches. Further proof of the ladder of development!

Aberdeen: Michael Hill, Assistant Coach (former NA3HL coach)
Austin: Steve Howard, Head Coach (former NA3HL coach)
Corpus Christi: Al Rooney, Assistant Coach (former NA3HL coach)
Jamestown: Joe Coombs, Head Coach (former NA3HL/CSHL coach)
Janesville: Corey Leivermann, Head Coach (former NA3HL coach)
Kenai River: Kevin Murdoch, Head Coach (former NA3HL coach)
Maine: Cam Robichaud, Associate Head Coach (former NA3HL coach)
MN Wilderness: Jon Vaillancourt, Assistant Coach (former NA3HL coach)
Springfield: Tyler Rennette, Head Coach (former NA3HL coach)
WBS Knights: Michael Narrigan, Assistant Coach (current NA3HL head coach)

Want a bit more? 

Despite requesting RSS feeds from the NAHL earlier in the year, that site hasn’t posted an NAHL/NA3HL story from the leagues since December, even though the site does all other leagues, including USHL.

The NA3HL doesn’t hide anything, which is why the other site knew what the numbers were. Anyone can find all the stories and statements that back up facts on the leagues' websites.

Again, all these facts are public on the 3HL site. There isn’t anything to hide. League posts the tenders, they post the draft picks, they post a story when a player moves up to play.

A bit harsh? I don’t think so. It’s high time to put an absolute end to the madness. Sometimes a plunger, liquid drano, and other home remedies simply don’t work. It’s time to call the plumber and fix this problem.

USA Hockey has already refused to address the problem. That decision has cost the governing body of the game in the United States the complete loss of control of all but a fraction of the junior level of play in their jurisdiction.

So who is the plumber?

The NAHL board of governors needs to make the collective decision to take care of the problem, flushing the issue once and for all.

Author: Stephen Heisler from
Stephen Heisler has spent a lifetime in the game of hockey. Stephen is also working with individual teams, coaches, and players as a director with Victorious Hockey Company. Stephen, his wife Deysi, and four children reside in Orlando, Florida.

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